Expenses of the Mukhtars
The"Mukhtaria" (Arabic: the office of the official representative) was founded during the Turkish rule after the end of the Baron's administration in the village. According to the law, every settlement had to choose a representative from among its inhabitants, "or someone who knew every person in the community".
The Mukhtar was in charge of maintaining regular contact with the government and he was responsible to it in every matter. "He will collect the tax money and bring it to the government's treasury and he must make certain that his community will fulfill all the imposed governmental duties and the government will trust his signature and guarantee in authorizing travel documents (passports), birth certificates, deeds of sale and so on".
The Committee of the "Mukhtaria" which held office together with the Mukhtar, included members with different titles, such as "Rav" (rabbi), "Chacham" (scholar), "Yoetz" (advisor) and others.