The "Biluim" immigrant group
"Bilu" was a group founded in Russia in 1882 by a group of students headed by Israel Belkind.
Their aim was to immigrate to Eretz Israel to rebuild its ruins and restore its honor and dignity. For this they had to help the settlers in the villages in the winter, many of whom were elderly and not accustomed to working the land. As well, they had to make an effort to make popular those branches of trade connected to agriculture. Special emphasis should be placed on the need for renewing the Hebrew language and turning into the spoken language.
The "Bilu" group, young men and women alike, arrived to Jaffa in the end of summer 1882. The start of their ordeal as unfortunate workers began at the Mikveh Israel Agricultural School. In December 1882 they arrived to Rishon Le-Zion, eight of them settling permanently there. Some of the group founded Gedera, others scattered all over the country or even left altogether.