Village chairmen
The Village Committee members were already chosen during the first year to the establishment of the village. Its duties were outlined in the Book of Rules and Regulations and included involvement in all aspects of daily life in the village and settling affairs between the Turkish government and the settlers.
By virtue of the committee's many authoritative powers, each Head acted "according to his own personal traits and special character" and "left a lasting impression on the course of the public events of the village".
Between 1884 and 1889 the Baron Rothschild's administrators ran the matters of the village and the elected Village Committee was not allowed to function.
Two attempts at secretive organization by the villagers failed. Only on the third attempt, in 1892, did they succeed in obtaining recognition of the "Village Committee" by the Baron's clerks.
From 1897 the Village Committee again became active and in 1900 received complete control of the village by the Baron's administration.
Women began to serve on the Village Committee from 1919.
The Committee was active until 1922 when Rishon Le-Zion received the status of Local Council.