In August 1950 the residents of Rishon Le-Zion were declared a Municipality, according to municipal regulations of 1934.
From this time forward, as quoted in the ninth ruling of the regulations, "In every ruling/law or document which mentions the council or its president, they should now be referred to as the Rishon Le-Zion Council and Mayor of Rishon Le-Zion ".
The elections for the council of the new municipality took place in November 1951.
Dr. Ostachinsky, the outgoing Head of the Council, continued in his position as the first Mayor until the election of Mr. Arieh Shaftel at the Council's first meeting which took place in January 1951.
In 1939 the Local Council decided upon the city's emblem which included:
a. The year of the establishment of the settlement - 1882
b. The equipment of the first well and the cry "We Found Water" as shouted by the diggers
c. Vine leaves and a cluster of grapes - symbol of the village's vine growers
d. An orange tree - symbol of the village's orange groves
e. Factories and industry buildings