With the founders settling on the land, and as part of determining their new way of life, the founder and farmer Zvi Possichelsky - a pharmacist by profession - took upon himself the office of village pharmacist and medic.
To this end, the Baron's administrator, Hirsch, built the "Bet Refuot" (House of Medicines). The pharmacist himself lived in an apartment adjacent to the pharmacy and was at the disposal of the villagers all hours of the day. The administrator, Hirsch, paid for the pharmacist's salary and for the medicines which were brought from Paris.
In 1900, the Baron's Administration passed control over the pharmacist to the community.
The village's pharmacy served under the supervision of the Village Committee and the Local Council until the establishment of the State of Israel.
The first private pharmacy in the village opened in 1926 by Peretz Carlan and for decades, together with additional private pharmacies which opened following in his footsteps, served the local population.