The Yemenite immigrant group
The first group of emigrants from Yemen arrived to Rishon Le-Zion in September 1909. Several months prior, a group, numbering 220 people, left the Hedan district in North Yemen, headed by Rabbi Tabib Ben Avraham, on their way to Eretz Israel. "And truly, our immigration to Eretz Israel, "wrote Rabbi Tabib, "was not the result of some King's decree or lack of livelihood or any of those reasons which force people to roam from country to country, but, rather, because of such a deep desire and love to immigrate to Eretz Israel''.
The people suffered for many days on their way in the desert, were attacked by robbers and they arrived destitute, weak and exhausted to the city of Aden. From there they continued on their way by ship and during Succoth 1909 they arrived to the shores of Jaffa. The group split up; some went to Rehovot and the remainder, a group of 74, arrived to Rishon Le-Zion.
During the first months of their stay in Rishon Le-Zion, the group lived in cow barns, stables and the cellars of the Community Hall. Later, they received a plot of land from the Village Committee, on Rechov Nechama, moved and live there in huts.
In August 1912, another group of Yemenites from the district of Sharav in the south, arrived to Rishon Le-Zion. The group consisted of 16 families who were part of the wave of immigrants enthused by S. Yavnieli, the delegate from the "Eretz Israeli Office". In the beginning, they crowded into four huts in the south of the village which were placed at their disposal by the Village Committee. Later on, in 1922, the vineyard of the farmer, Hillel Hillel, near the "Shivat Zion" neighborhood, was purchased for them and the "Neveh Zion" neighborhood was established.