Signatories to the 1882 village charter
"The Book of Rules and Regulations for the village, Rishon Le-Zion, was founded by "Vaad Halutzeh Yesud Hama'ala" (Committee of Yesud Hama'alah Pioneers) in 1882."
First Regulation:
"The aim of the founders of the settlement is to improve the material and moral situation of the community, and serve as an example to be followed by our brethren, "bnei Israel", who are coming to take hold of the land, to awaken in the hearts of our people the desire for settling Eretz Israel and rebuilding the national ruins and, with all their power, to help the founders of other settlements both in advise and deeds".
The subjects dealt with by the regulations:
The community
The General Meeting
The Parliament of Committee Members
Obligations of the village settlers to the entire community as well as to each other