Toporovski (Azulay) Yehudit
Born: 1916
Birth Place: Egypt,
Arrived: 1936
Residence in the Village: Toporovsky's farmyard (private)
Occupation: teacher
Departed to: Israel, Jerusalem
Azulay Avraham
Azulay Malca
Toporovski Itzhak Leib
Toporovski (Ferber) Kreine Atara
    Toporovski (Azulay) Yehudit   Toporovski Moshe    
Children:   Shadmon (Toporovski) Atara    Osterweil Glass (Toporovski) Batya    Amit (Toporovski) Esther    Toporovski Itzhak

Yehudit Toporovsky, born into a Jerusalem family, studied at the "Lemel" school and the Alliance High School in Jerusalem. She worked as a teacher in the Beth Yaakov School.
When she married she moved to Rishon Le Zion and managed a Beth Yaakov kindergarten in the Toporovsky yard for 13 years.
After she was widowed she studied and graduated as a teacher at the Levinsky Seminar and began working at the Haviv School in Rishon le Zion.
She was the WIZO secretary for 19 years and represented Wizo in various institutions.
She was a teacher in various hebrew schools in Mexico and in New York, as a representative of the Jewish Agency. She was an elementary school teacher in Beth Hakerem in Jerusalem. She studied didactics at the Hebrew Univesity in Jerusalem. She published a book called "My Mea Shearim" in which she tells the history of the Azulay family in Mea Shearim in Jerusalem.