Tabib Avraham
Born: 1881
Birth Place: Yemen
Immigrated: 1909
Arrived: 1909
Residence in the Village: The Yemenites homes (public)
Departed to:
Died: 1950
Belonging to Group
Tabib (Ben Avraham) Tabib
Tabib Naomi
Levi Camus
    Tabib Avraham   Tabib Shalha Sara    
        Tabib (Nagrani) Havatzelet Kadya Other Partner
Children:   Hitrosh (Tabib) Esther    Mawbry (Tabib) Rachel    Tabib Avinoam    Tabib Avigail    Ladany (Tabib) Bat Tzion    Tabib Yedida    Tabib Izack    Tabib Ahaliav    Tabib Betzalel    Tabib Yoav

Avraham Tabib was born in Haidan, Yemen. He studied in a "heder" and Talmud Torah from the age of 3 till l5. Then he learnt the trade of silversmith from his father who was a specialist in making all kinds of weaponry and then started out on his own.
He organized a group of immigrants to Eretz Israel. At Succoth 1909 he came to Rishon Le Zion. He worked as a labourer in the village vineyards and became a specialist in pruning and grafting.
Later he learnt mechanics and welding and became assistant chief mechanic in the winery.
Abraham Tabib was involved in many fields of community work. He was a member of the village committee from 1920-22, managed the negotiations with the Keren Kayemet LeIsrael and the Zionist organization on the subject of the Shivat Zion and Neve Zion housing estates as well as the establishment of housing estates for Yemenite workers in Petah Tikva and Zichron Yaakov, was active in the labour party ?Ahdut Ha-Avoda, participated in the foundingedited the newspaper "Hashofar" and published pamphlets:?Uri Teman?, Galut Teman?, "Shavey Teman".