Mizrachi Yaakov Mussa
Born: 1879
Birth Place: .
Immigrated: 1885
Arrived: 1887
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: worker in winery
Departed to:
Died: 1967
Belonging to Group
Mizrachi Moshe Shimon
Mizrachi Naomi
Halevi Israel
Halevi Leah
    Mizrachi Yaakov Mussa   Mizrachi Esther    
Children:   Itzhaky (Mizrahi) Simcha    Raz (Mizrachi) Moshe    Mizrachi Avraham    Mizrachi Israel    Mizrachi Yosef    Cohen (Mizrachi) Aliza    Hamooz Cohen (Mizrahi) Rachel    Mizrachi Tzadok    Mizrachi David    Ladany (Mizrachi) Sarah    Mizrachi Shlomo    Mizrachi Ezra