Segal Mordechay Yoel
Born: 1873
Birth Place: Russia, Mogilev
Immigrated: 1892
Arrived: 1906
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1965
Segal Yaakov Yosef
Segal Elky
Lubman Yehuda Leib Gedalya
Lubman Shatzra
    Segal Mordechay Yoel   Segal (Lubman) Rivka    
Children:   Belkind (Segal) Haviva    Belkind (Segal) Nehama    Segal Elisheva    Segal Yaakov    Segal Yehuda    Rotenstein (Segal) Yael    Eylon (Segal) Avigail    Segal Daniel

Mordechay Yoel Segal was born in the hamlet of Poditz, in the district of Mohilev, Russia. He studied Torah and general studies with private teachers. He tried to enter the university but was rejected on account of being Jewish. In 1892, when his father Yaakov Yosef Segal was chosen to head the future village of Hadera, Mordechay came with him to the Land of Israel and they settled in Hadera. There he became a farmer and engaged in all branches of his farm work. After his father died of malaria he moved to Petah Tikva where he worked for a year for the Baron Rothschild planting trees. Later he moved to Zichron Yaakov where he worked as a bookkeeper for the eucalyptus tree planting campaign in Hadera. In 1900 he became the chief bookkeeper of the Eretz Israel branch of ICA in Jaffa.
In 1906 Mordechay Segal and his family settled in Rishon Le Zion where he became the chief bookkeeper of the Rishon Le Zion and Zichron Yaakov wineries.
During WWI when Gluskin, the managing director of the wineries, was absent, Segal acted as one of the three managing directors of the wineries. This position involved dealing with the urgent needs of the winegrowers such as the purchase and distribution of food supplies, payments to the winegrowers and settlement of their legal taxes (Badal) for their release from service in the Turkish and German armies. With the help of crates of arak which he presented to them, he succeeded in gaining the release of prisoners and in preventing the requisitioning of buildings, etc. Mordechai spent some 50 years working in the winery and retired at the age of 85. In addition to his work in the winery he was a member of the auditing committee of the "Halvaa Vehisachon" Bank in the village and of the Bnei Brit's "Geulat Hasadim" Fund.