Tschernov Itzhak
Born: 1861
Birth Place: Russia, Kharkov
Immigrated: 1884
Arrived: 1884
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer
Departed to:
Died: 1935
Belonging to Group
Tschernov Avraham Shmuel
Shainberg Zvia
    Tschernov Itzhak   Tschernov (Shinberg) Golda    
Children:   Tschernov Yosef    Tschernov Arye Leon    Felbert (Tschernov) Tamar    Birenbaum (Tschernov) Yehudit    Tschernov Avraham Shmuel    Tschernov Yoel    Tschernov Isaiah    Tschernov Zvi    Tschernov Matityahu Max    Tschernov Moshe    Tschernov Rivka    Elmaliah (Tschernov) Shoshana    Ben Bassat (Tschernov) Rachel

Yitzhak Chernov was born in Harkov, Russia. He received a religious and secular education.
As a member of the "Hovevei Zion" (Lovers of Zion) Movement, he decided to immigrate to Eretz Israel (1882) and in Constantinople, Turkey, joined the "Bilu" on their way to Eretz Israel. Together with the group he worked at the Mikveh Agricultural School and later settled in Rishon Le-Zion and was a farmer. He also dealt in trade and brought herring in barrels from Lebanon and Turkey.
He took part in the digging of the first well in the village.
He was a signatory of the second Book of Rules and Regulations.
He was one of the farmers who signed the letter sent to the Baron Rothschild requesting the removal of the special rostrum being built for the administrators in the synagogue.
During WWI he hid in his yard member s of the Belkind family who were in "Nili" underground movement.