Segal Joseph
Birth Place:
Immigrated: 1924
Arrived: 1932
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: teacher
Departed to:
    Segal Joseph   Segal (Cohen) Sarah    
Children:   Segal Gamliel Gammy    Dgani (Segal) Neomy

Joseph Segal was born in Russia, District Vohlynia, Lodiviphil. He studied in Yeshiva (a Rabbinical school) and in teaching courses in Grodna. Towards his immigration to Eretz Israel he learned carpentry.
In 1924, he immigrated to Eretz Israel. After a brief period in Jerusalem, he began working as a teacher in the youth village Meir Shpheya. Simultaneously, due to the distressed times, he also worked in the evenings as a pharmacist.
Two years later, when a malaria epidemic broke out, he was forced to quit the teaching job in order to help his wife, a physician, in her work: to take care of fetching medication and their distribution between the many patients.
At the early Thirties (of the 20th century) he settled with his family in Rishon Le-zion. He worked in agriculture and in plants' nursery.