Wechsler (Gisin) Shifra
Birth Place: Russia, Tavria,
Immigrated: 1883
Arrived: 1887
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: teacher, headmistress
Buried: Beirut
Belonging to Group
Gissin David
Gissin Sara
Wechsler Moshe
Wechsler Lipsha
    Wechsler (Gisin) Shifra   Wechsler Hanoch Hanik    
Children:   Wechsler Israel

Shifra Wexler was born in Russia in the district of Teuria in the township of Bradiansk. In 1883 she came to the country with her parents, to Jerusalem and later, in 1887 the family settled in Rishon Le Zion. She studied at the local elementary school. On completion of her studies as an outstanding pupil she was sent by the Baron's official, Eliyahu Sheid, to Paris. She studied there for four years in the Baron's orphanage and when she returned she was appointed headmistress of the girls? school in Rishon Le Zion.
She acted as principal of the school for five years (1895-1899) and when she married she left her position and moved to Zichron Yaakov. She died in Beirut after a trying illness.