Launer Noam
Born: 1927
Birth Place: USA, New York
Immigrated: 1934
Arrived: 1934
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 2010
Belonging to Group
Launer Harry Bernard
Launer (Tzallilihin) Esther
Tessta Avraham
Tessta Dora
    Launer Noam   Launer Leah    
Children:   Alon (Launer) Anat    Launer Dan    Launer Malal Hedda

Noam Launer was born in New York, USA to a lawyer father and a mother who was the daughter of one of the first "Biluim" of Rishon Le Zion. He studied in the village elementary school, "Haviv" and the Herzlia High School in Tel Aviv. He began his legal studies on the eve of the founding of the state in the school for economic and legal studies in Tel Aviv. At the same time he studied through a correspondence course of the London University but, on account of his activity in the "Hagana" and his enlistment to the "Notroot" (local police) his studies were interrupted. On the eve of the War of Independence he graduated the last unit leadership course(Mefaked Mahleha) in the Hagana as well as the Communications Officers? Course. He served as communications officer and "Mefaked Pluga" in the 52nd battalion of the Givati Brigade and later in the 54th battalion. He served as assistant battalion officer at headquarters.
After his release from army service he graduated the first course of legal studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and since then worked as an independent lawyer, at first together with his father and later – in his own office. In 1959 he was elected to the City Council on behalf of the Liberal Party and later – as mayor. He served as the mayor of Rishon Le-Zion from 1962-1965.
Noam Launer was active in many additional public fields: a volunteer member on different municipal and public committees; member of the board of the Friends of the Museum; member of the committee of the Bar Association, Winegrowers Committee and Winegrowers Council.