Gissin Eldad
Born: 1934
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Belonging to Group
Gissin Dov
Gissin (Zinger) Rosa Shoshana
Davidson Avner
Davidson (Hirshler) Leah
    Gissin Eldad   Gissin (Davidson) Rachel    
Children:   Gissin Erez    Gissin Guy    Gissin Itai

Eldad Gissin was born in Rishon Lezion. He learned in the elementary school ("Chaviv") in the township and in the high school Hagimnasia Harealit. He is a graduate of the departments of Sociology and Political Science at the Hebrew University branch in Tel - Aviv and - of the Sequel Study for Master's degree in Sociology.
In his youth, he is a young Maccabi's guide and participates in various sports.
He served at the army in the school of Anti-Aircraft Gunnery as an instructor and took part in Israel's wars.
After his discharge from the army, he worked for several years as an independent farmer. Later, he became a rural sociologist in the Negev district on behalf of the Jewish Agency – the Settlement Department.
In 1982-1972 he served as the manager of the Social and Absorption section of a/m Department and then, for nine additional years - as manager of the Negev district. Within the framework of this role, he was responsible for managing and coordinating the professional activities of all the competent personnel in the region: agronomists, economists, planners, sociologists, architects, geographers and staff managers; he controlled the budgets, the establishment and the expansion of settlements and the region's economic development.
During his years at the Jewish Agency, he was often out abroad for short missions: to encourage immigration to Israel, for fundraising for the Jewish Appeal and for projects for the development of agriculture and settlement on behalf of Tahal and the Ministry of Defense.
In the years 1993-1996 he served as an immigration emissary of the Jewish Agency's in Philadelphia, United States - States, and as a key delegate there for settlement and recruiting Jews so as to prepare them for immigration and absorption in Israel.
Since his return, he continues with his agricultural work.