Aviram (Abramovitch) Menahem Man
Born: 1926
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: , regular army
Departed: 1953
Departed to: Israel, Haifa
Died: 2015
Belonging to Group
Abramovitch Moshe
Abramovitch (Pupko) Rivka
Rotenberg Galili Yaacov
Rotenberg Galili Ella
    Aviram (Abramovitch) Menahem Man   Aviram (Rotenberg Galili) Neima    
Children:   Aviram Leah Semadar    Aviram Mordehai Mody    Aviram Roby

Menachem (Mann) Aviram was born in Rishon Le-Zion. He studied at the elementary school ("Haviv") and at the "Reali" Gymnasium in the village. He held a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He was a graduate of Ecole D'etat Maior in France. He graduated from the A.M.P. managerial course from Harvard University in America.
From his youth he was a member of the "Hagana". He participated in the course for platoon commanders held at Kfar Hahoresh in 1945. He was a watchman in the J.S.P. – Jewish Settlement Police.
During the War of Independence he took part in the defense of Gush Etzion.
Later, as a commander in "Givati" he took part in the battles in the south of the country.
For 25 years he served as an officer in the regular army. During his military service, he fulfilled several positions and among them: Commander of the paratrooper infantry brigade; division Deputy Commander; Commander of the Military School of Command and General Staff and military and civilian Commander of the Gaza Strip and north Sinai.
In 1972 he was discharged from the army with the rank of Brigadier General.
As a civilian he was manager of "Nesher", the Israeli cement company and later as chairman of "Nesher" and "Granit"- the parent company of "Sonol". As well, he served as director of different companies.
He was a member of the board of the Friends of the Museum of Rishon Le-Zion.