Gabin (Rapeport) Miriam
Born: 1914
Birth Place: Poland, Grodno
Arrived: 1931
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1996
Rapeport Yeshayahu
Rapeport Pesa
Gabin Liber
Gabin Etya
    Gabin (Rapeport) Miriam   Gabin Moshe    
Children:   Neuman (Gabin) Nitza    Hirsh Ora

Miriam Gabin was born in Grodno, Poland, , where she studied in "Tarbut" school and was a member of a Zionist youth movement.
In 1931, she immigrated to Israel with her two brothers. Her parents refused to come with them because they said it's a desert land. Until the age of 50 was a housewife, then she studied accounting and worked as a civilian employee in the military base "Tsreephin" (Sarafend).

Her parents remained in Poland perished in the Holocaust.