Levine Gideon
Born: 1900
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1966
Belonging to Group
Levine Asher
Levine (Goldblat) Dvorah
Rubinstien Haim
Rubinstien Rivka
    Levine Gideon   Levine Lena Helena    
Children:   Sherman (Levin) Zahava

Dr. Gideon Levin was born in Rishon Lezion. He learned in the primary school ("Chaviv") in the township and at the high school "Hertzlia" in Tel - Aviv. He went to study medicine in France; he withstood the consummation examination in Montpellier (the high school's "Hertzlia" matriculation certificate was not recognized in France) and moved to the University of Paris where he was certified in 1928 as a general practitioner.
After completing his studies, Gideon returned to Eretz Israel and was hired as a general practitioner at the "Kupat Cholim" and was sent to Ayelet Hashachar and Machanaim for a period of several months - a sort of trial period. Later, he went to Germany and Vienna to specialize there as an ENT (ear, nose and throat) physician.
When returning from the specialization course, he settled with his family in Tel - Aviv. He first specialized in Dr. Chvoink's clinic who was the first ENT physician specialist in Eretz Israel and then later opened a private clinic on Allenby Street.
To Rishon Lezion Dr. Gideon Levin returned in 1935. Until his last day he lived in Asher Levin's house at Carmel Street and worked in his profession.
In 'Kupat Cholim" he established the ENT Clinic and worked there while also working in his private clinic in his home. It has been said about him that he was very considerate with indigent patients and yet, in order not to hurt their dignity, charged them only a nominal sum.
During the Liberation War, he refused to accept payment from soldiers on the grounds that this is his contribution to the war effort. Within the frame work of his public activities, Dr. Levine was a member of the Supervisory Committee of the Primary School ("Chaviv") in the thirties; as a member of the Haganah he used to go out as a doctor-on-call to the (hidden) shooting ranges area in case of an accident. Etzel members also used to come to his house for first aid, believing that he will not turn them in; he was a member in the Magen - David – Adom and lectured on first aid issues; he served as a member of the Recruitment Committee during the War of Independence, and as secretary of the townships' Medical Association.