Davidson (Guter) Sarah
Born: 1934
Birth Place: Israel, Tel Aviv
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Guter Zalman
Guter Tamar
Davidson Avishai
Davidson (Barashevsky) Rivka
    Davidson (Guter) Sarah   Davidson Uzi    
Children:   Davidson Ron    Davidson Binyamin

Sarah Davidson was born in Tel - Aviv. She studied in the "Herzliya" highschool.
She served in the Air Force as chief clerk and acting chief of the corps commander's bureau.
She worked for 46 years, until her retirement, in the Electric Company in various positions: Deputy Manageress of the Secretariat in the Southern District; in public relations; Head Office of the Southern District Manager and Coordinator of the regional tenders committee; Secretary of the Board of Directors, directly subordinated to the board and the CEO – a role she played for more than twenty years.
Parallely to her work, she participated for years in courses and advanced studies: a budget and control course and a PR course in the Institute of Work and Productivity; a course for senior workers at the Electric Company; a course for functionaries in the Israel Management Center; courses in business English, computers, psychology and stress, nuclear physics, and more.
In 1976, during a family trip to a bar mitzvah in the United - States, their plane was hijacked to Entebbe, Uganda and the family, along with all the passengers, was held there for a week until their release by IDF soldiers in a heroic operation. Following the traumatic event, Sarah Davidson wrote a diary which was published by the publishing house "Masada" as: "A Personal Diary - Entebbe 1976" and she has since then been dealing with this isuue by documentation, giving lectures to youth and soldiers, collecting materials for the archive "Rabin Center" and - in educational activities that have to do with the specific event and terrorism in general.
In 1989 she was sent to the United - States on behalf of the "Bonds" for a series of lectures as a representor of women and manageresses.
She serves as the public's representative in the tenders' Jurisdiction Committee, on behalf of the State's Commissionership.
She volunteers at "Keshet Ayalon" in the Audit Committee of the Association; - in "Natal"- a Relief Society for national trauma victims; at "Yad Hachlama" of the Israel Cancer Association - helping breast cancer operated women ; director in "Elta Electronic Industries" and memebr in Audit's Committee and in the Finance Committee.