Gibstein Hanania
Born: 1933
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Belonging to Group
Gibstein Yehoshua
Gibstein (Povimcrovski) Kendel Yoheved
Rozin Arie
Rozin (Pashchanski) Mania Miriam
    Gibstein Hanania   Gibstein (Rozin) Bela Belha    
Children:   Gibstein Salomon Irit Rahel    Gibstein Yehoshua    Gibstein Sherer Limor

Hananya Gibshtein was born in Rishon Lezion. He attended the Talmud Torah and the High school "Hagimnasia Harealit".
In his youth, perusing the education he received at home, he was a trainee of the Beitar movement and took part in streets' posters pasting in the township on behalf of the Etzel.
After his military service (in the intelligence), he finished law studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He was engaged in writing about tax issues and economics in financial papers: in the economic daily "Shaar", in the quarterly Banking journal and in the Yediot Acharonot". He opened a law office in Tel - Aviv and simultaneously began to lead the public struggle against the sewage plant of the Dan region.
In 1969, he joined the Cherut Movement so as to run for mayor. In the elections of that year, the list he was headed won by a landslide victory and Hanania was the youngest mayor in the country.
Was the Mayor of Rishon Lezion in 1969-1983.
During his term a considerable investment was made in the education system which had to handle a most rapid and unplanned growth of population. A care system for detached youth, has been established - a system which was one of a kind in the country (headed by Akiva Abramowitz) and saved hundreds of boys and girls from crime; a large part of the city has been linked to the city sewerage network and connected to the sewage plant of the Dan region; development and changes in the urban scheme was accelerated; reducing congestion in the city by reducing housing units per unit area; an infrastructure for a Love of Zion academy has been established with the purchase of the home of Shulamit and Zerubavel Chaviv by the municipality; Gershon Man had been appointed to rescue and concentrate valuable archival material and an historical museum was established for the genealogy of Rishon Lezion.
Later in his career, Hanania Gibstein serves as a member of the city council, in the opposition. For seven years he was the chairman of the administration of the Institute for Safety and Hygiene; member of the highest establishments of the Cherut movement; Chairman - of the Be'er Yaakov, Mental Health Center's Friends Circle; National Vice Chairman of the Association for the FIDF soldiers and Chairman of the - local branch; Chairman of ad hoc committees on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior, to determine the city's status. In 1998, Hanania Gibstein received the "Notable of Rishon Lezion" award.