Meirovitch Menashe
Born: 1860
Birth Place: Russia, Nikolayev
Immigrated: 1882
Arrived: 1883
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: agronomist, farmer, author
Departed to:
Died: 1949
Belonging to Group
Meirovitch Zvi
Abramovitch Zeev
Abramovitch (Perelman) Haya Sara
    Meirovitch Menashe   Meirovitch (Abramovitch) Miriam    
        Meirovitch (Abramovitch) Fanny Feige Rivka Other Partner
Children:   Meirovitch Avraham    Arbel (Meirovitch) Leah    Ben Tzvi (Meirovitch) Bruria Brura    Meirovitch Bar Kochva    Meirovitch Ezra    Meirovitch Nechemia    Meirovitch Akiva    Anisfeld (Meirovitch) Hanna    Dagan (Meyrovitch) Yehudit    Meirovitch Zeev Doc    Meerovitch Ami Zakai    Meirovitch Natan Nathanel

Menashe Meirovitch was an agronomist, a gruaduate of the agricultural college in Russia, one of only three Jewish qualified agronomists in Russia. At the beginning of 1883 he set out for Eretz Israel with the first group of Bilu.
In Constantinople, Turkey, he stayed behind in an endeavour to obtain an area of land for the Biluim in Eretz Israel from the Turkish authorities.
In Rishon Le Zion he lived with his friends, the Biluim, in a hut at the top of the hill. A reconstruction of the hut was made in the Museum of Rishon Le Zion in which authentic items from Menashe Meirovitch's study are on display. For many years Menashe Meirovitich published articles in Russian and Hebrew newspapers.
In his articles he described what was happening in the new country, expressed ideas on the chances of developing industry in the country and made various suggestions and ideas.
He also wrote profusely in the newspapers and periodicals in the country and also engaged in editing them. Together with BenFor years he was chairman of the first association of villages in Judea "The Association of Villages in Judea" together with his friends Aharon Eienberg and Dov Lubman.
He participated in three delegations of the Baron Rothschild.
During W.W.I he was the representative of the vinters with the Turkish authorities and was involved in many public services. He was exiled in 1915 to Tiberias and in 1917 he was arrested in Jerusalem together with many other functionaries of the Jewish settlement. He was a member of the ad hoc committee that was set up in Eretz Israel after the first World War and also of the first Jewish Agency. In 1921 he was honored with the award of an M.B.E. for excellent service by the British High Commissioner, Sir Herbert Samuel for his contribution to the good of the country.
During his period of chairmanship of the village committee and among other achievements, water pipes were laid down in the village, the main street in the village was paved, and the Levontin Library was built.Menashe Meirovitch lived a long life and was the last of the Biluim.