Trachtenberg Yehiel I
Born: 1866
Birth Place: Bessarabia,
Immigrated: 1886
Arrived: 1886
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer
Departed to:
Died: 1937
Belonging to Group
Trachtenberg Elchanan Shmaya
Trachtenberg Leah
Smilansky Shmaayahu
Smilanski Rachel
    Trachtenberg Yehiel I   Trachtenberg (Similansky) Shifra    
        Trachtenberg (Levitsky) Miriam Masha Other Partner
Children:   Sitkov (Trachtenberg) Hanna    Trachtenberg (Yehiel) Ezra    Trachtenberg Elchanan Elik    Trachtenberg Asher

Yehiel Trachtenberg was born in Besarabia. He immigrated to Eretz Israel in 1886 and settled in Rishon Le-Zion. He was an independent farmer who loved the land and also worked as a hired hand.
He was among those villagers who rebelled against the Baron Rothschild's administration.
He worked as an agricultural instructor in Hedera during its early years. He set up a diversified agricultural farmstead - planted field crops and seedlings, raised domestic animals, poultry and bees and cultivated vegetables.
Yehiel Trachtenberg engaged in a wide range of public activities. He took part in the establishment of the first "Agudat Hapoalim" (Workers' Association) in the village and was a member of the Village Committee for many years.
During the period of the riots in 1921, he was nominated head of the Defense Committee.
In 1932 he was elected head of the Local Council. During his term of office, the village's 25th anniversary celebrations were held and Rothschild street between the Great Synagogue and the main street (today Herzl street).
From 1933-1935 he served as head of the Agricultural Committee and, later, as the head of the Agricultural Council and member of the Syndicate Council for Winegrowers. He was a member of the board that initiated the founding of the Rothschild Museum in Rishon Le-Zion in 1936 and is a signatory of its charter. He was among the founders of Beit Hamaccabi.