Ben Zeev Abramovitch (Ben Zeev) Shimon
Born: 1863
Birth Place:
Immigrated: 1882
Arrived: 1882
Departed to:
Died: 1924
Belonging to Group
Abramovitch Zeev
Abramovitch (Perelman) Haya Sara
Hirshfeld Shmuel
Hirshfeld (Kastel) Gerone
    Ben Zeev Abramovitch (Ben Zeev) Shimon   Ben Zeev (Hirshfeld) Beila Gita    
Children:   Horowitz (Ben Zeev) Gretele    Yekutiely (Ben Zeev) Adlaida Ada    Ben Zeev Shmuel    Levite (Ben Zeev) Ruth    Becker (Ben Zeev) Hassida    Klorfein (Ben Zeev) Hagit    Cohen (Ben Zeev) Havatzelet

Shimon Ben Zeev came to the country with his parents, founding fathers of the village. He planted out their land nearby Sarafand, was a shepherd and fought with the Arab neighbours who were in the habit of attacking the local settlers and stealing from them.
Between 1888-1893 he went to the USA and graduated there from a commercial college. Before leaving the country he made a point of changing his name to a Hebrew name. When he returned to Rishon Le Zion he established his own farm and involved himself with his vineyards and with public works.
He was chosen on several occasions as a member of the village committee, was the chief of the village guards, founded the "Linat Tzedek" in the village, was one of the founding members of the literary society's "reading evenings" and one of the first "Freemasons" in the country.