Leibovitch Shlomo
Born: 1906
Birth Place: Poland, Wolkowysk
Immigrated: 1926
Arrived: 1926
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1998
Leibowitch Mordehai Tzvi
Leibowitch Tzipora
Osherov Yehoshua
Osherov (Neushtadt) Feige Rahel
    Leibovitch Shlomo   Leibovitch (Osherov) Yoheved    
Children:   Leibovitch Amnon    Levav (Leibovitch) Gideon

Shlomo Leibovitch was born in Bwilkwisk, Poland. He studied Hebrew and technical subjects in Grodno, in order to prepare himself for the immigration to Eretz Israel. Together with his friends, they composed there a Yiddish newspaper called "Der Engel".
At the age of 20, in 1926, he immigrated to Eretz Israel, to Rishon Lezion. He worked as a winery mechanic and after a while, upon the establishment of the Water Company "Aviva" by the Weinberg family, he began working for this company and for 50 years, until his retirement, dealt with the water supply to the residents of the township /town and managed the water Department of the municipality. During the long period of his work, the first well of the township has been developed and a pump including a motor driven by coal was introduced to the well. Later, the old motor was replaced by a new electrical one and a second and third well were dug. At the end of the War of Independence, water lines were transferred to a new housing in the east of Rishon Lezion and upon the initiative of Shlomo Leibovitch it was called "Shikun Hamizrach".
At his retirement, in 1977, and after a prolonged administration of the Water Department, there were in Rishon Lezion 15 modern, sophisticated wells, an elaborated control room for monitoring and remote control purposes, water reservoirs and ponds for high pressure and emergency water systems.
Shlomo Leibovitch was a member of the Haganah and a volunteer at MADA. He lost his son Amnon in the War of Independence and was active in the" Yad Lebanim" house.
He served as a member in Pensioners' Committee of the Histadrut.
ilies Neustadt and Asherov.
She attended the primary school ("Chaviv") in the township and continued for two years, in a teachers' training college. In her youth she worked in the vineyards and has helped taking care of her siblings.
At the age of 21 years, she married Solomon Leibovitch (later the manager of the municipal water department) and built her home in the township. In the War of Independence she lost her son Amnon.