Branitzky (Bralnitzky) Haim
Born: 1863
Immigrated: 1884
Arrived: 1885
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer, vintner
Departed to:
Died: 1935
Branitzky (Bralnitzky) Nathan
Branitzky (Bralnitzky) Duba Daba
Yovel Avraham Mordechay
Yovel Tsherna Sarah
    Branitzky (Bralnitzky) Haim   Branitzky (Yovel) Pesia    
Children:   Branitzky Azariah Ezra    Branitzky Shimon    Branitzki Tzvi Hirsh    Branitzky Itzhak    Branitzky Binyamin    Bralnitzky Adini (Branitzky) Sarah    Branitzky Nathan    Branitzky Eliyahu    Tamari (Branitzky) Dvora Bola

Haim Branitzky (Bralnitzky) was born in Russia, Minsk district, in the town Novorodok. Immigrated with his family to Eretz Israel in 1884, and one year later arrived to Rishon Le-Zion. Haim worked in a metal workshop (smithy) in his father's yard and on the fame. after his father's death' he inherited half the land and became an independent farmer.
Haim Branitzky participated in public activities in the village: as the synagogue's treasurer, he labored (together with Yaacov Freiman) to erect a fence around the cemetery and oversaw its building; was among the founders of the village's "kupah Haklait" (Farmer's Fund); after the death of his father and Menachem Mendel Abramovitch he (together with his brother Mordechai) continued their activities in lending out medical accessories to the needy; served as chairman of "linat Zedek" (lodging charity).