Abulafiah Shlomo
Born: 1865
Birth Place: Syria, Beirtut
Immigrated: 1886
Arrived: 1886
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: teacher
Departed: 1895
Departed to: Israel, Yafo
Died: 1909
Buried: Israel, Yafo
Belonging to Group
Abulafiah Itzhak
Abulafiah Bolisia
Freiman Peretz Yaacov
Freiman Shifra
    Abulafiah Shlomo   Abulafiah (Freiman) Rivka    
Children:   Abulafiah Refael    Bet Halachmi (Abulafiah) Rachel    Abulafiah Gideon    Abulafiah Bustenai    Bakner (Abulafiah) Yael    Rigger (Abulafiah) Elisheva    Abulafiah Avner    Shalvi (Abulafiah) Aliza

Shlomo Abulafiah was born in Beirut (then Syria). He acquired his education in a private high school "Tiferet Israel." In 1886 he immigrated to Eretz Israel, to Rishon Le zion and here, as per the recommendation of Nissim Bachar, Head Master of the Alliance Schools in Eretz-Israel, was accepted as a teacher for French and Arabic in the school of the Settlement. In this post he served for nine years (1886-1895).
In the year 1892,in Rishon Le zion, he got married to Rivka, daughter of the founder Jacov Peretz Frieman and in the year 1894, he was among the local settlers.
After his tenure at the school in Rishon Le zion, his family moved to Jaffa, where he served as a teacher of Arabic in the schools "Alliance" and "Ezra." Later, he settled in Neve Tzedek and became the representative of the Jewish community versus the Ottoman authorities. His was nicknamed then "Muchtar Salim." Thanks to his knowledge of the languages spoken in the country and his familiarity with the local manners, he managed to establish good contacts with the government's officials and with Arab noblemen and used those contacts for the benefit of the community.
Shlomo and Rivka Abulafiah's residence in Neve Tzedek was a meeting place to people of culture. The young Shai Agnon, resided in this house after his immigration to Eretz Israel, and wrote the story "Tmol Shilshom"
In the year 1909, Shlomo Abulafiah joined the Association "Achuzat Bait", thus becoming one of the founders of Tel Aviv. Shortly thereafter he got ill and died when still being a young person.