Abulafiah (Freiman) Rivka
Born: 1874
Birth Place: Poland, Warsaw
Immigrated: 1882
Arrived: 1882
Residence in the Village: Freiman's house (private)
Departed: 1895
Departed to: Israel, Yafo
Died: 1961
Freiman Peretz Yaacov
Freiman Shifra
Abulafiah Itzhak
Abulafiah Bolisia
    Abulafiah (Freiman) Rivka   Abulafiah Shlomo    
Children:   Abulafiah Refael    Bet Halachmi (Abulafiah) Rachel    Abulafiah Gideon    Abulafiah Bustenai    Bakner (Abulafiah) Yael    Rigger (Abulafiah) Elisheva    Abulafiah Avner    Shalvi (Abulafiah) Aliza

Rivka Abulafiah was born in Warsaw, Poland. In 1882, she immigrated to Eretz Israel with her family. Her parents are among the founders of Rishon Lezion.
It was said about her that she was well-educated, with a wide knowledge in general history and literature and mastered many languages.
After her marriage to the teacher Shlomo Abulafiah in 1895, the two moved to Jaffa and later, built their house in Neve Tzedek. Their house was a home to people of culture and in which Agnon settled upon his immigration to Eretz Israel and where he wrote his story "Tmol Shilshom"
In 1909, she joined with her husband's the association of "Achuzat Bait" and is thus among the founders of Tel Aviv. A short time later, with his demise, she was left alone with eight children, being still a young woman. When her father proposed her to come to him with her children from Eretz Israel to Poland; she refused, saying "I'm not taking my children from the country."
On 1917, when the residents of Tel Aviv were deported according to a decree of the Turkish government, Rivka Abulafiah moved with her children to her family in Rishon Lezion. After the war (World War I), they returned to their home in Tel Aviv - to the shortages and the difficulties of life.
When she died, she was brought to burial in the family estate in the cemetery "Trumpeldor" in Tel Aviv.