Alhimeister (Alchemeister) Meir
Born: 1854
Birth Place: Galicia, Levov
Immigrated: 1876
Arrived: 1889
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: pharmacist
Departed: 1901
Departed to:
Died: 1932
Belonging to Group
Alfhamister Avraham Dov
Elinhoren Shlomo
Elinhoren Sarah Mirel
    Alhimeister (Alchemeister) Meir   Alhimeister (Alenhoren) Sheyna Duba    
Children:   Meir (Alter, Alhimeister) Joseph    Alhimeister Itzhak Ishayahu    Roffman (Alhamister) Haya    Moses (Alhamister) Leah    Zachs (Alchemeister) Breindel    Alhimeister Halahmi Yaakov    Berger (Alchamister) Zipora    Tzipris (Alhimeister) Bella    Alhimeister Pinchas

Meir Alchemister was born in Levov, Galicia, where he studied pharmacy; a profession which he practiced thereafter.
In 1876 he immigrated to Eretz Israel and settled in Jerusalem becoming the first Jewish qualified pharmacist in "Eretz Israel". He worked for many years at the hospital "Rothschild" in Jerusalem.
In 1885 he settled in Jaffa where he inaugurated a pharmacy that operated for four years and from where he distributed "the best medicine against malaria". He also distributed the newspaper "Hatzvi" and was engaged in public affairs. He joined the company "Ezrat Israel" which dealt with the absorption of immigrants and participated in an attempt to build a hospital. The local press published praises of the blessed work of the "Aphotecker Meir".
In 1889 he moved to Rishon Le Zion and became Dr. Mazia's assistant. Also here he had been awarded a prize for his activities; the Pasha granted him as a gift, a golden "hours' indicator" (a watch) bundled in a cloth embroidered by the Pasha's wife herself.
In the Rishon Le-Zion he took part in public and social activities, lectured in the communal hall "Beit Haam" about maintaining teeth health and the treatment of them. He first introduced fireworks' shows "Zikukim Dinur" ("Bengali fire" as indicated in those days) to celebrate the first one year's anniversary of the Orchestra and - decorated the trees with lights.
In 1901 Meir Alchemister returned to Jaffa and joined the builders of the "Neve Tzedek" neighborhood. He bought the pharmacy "Eretz Israel" and later on - the pharmacy "Kochav Hazahav" and was engaged in public affairs.