Birger (Kohen) Breine Brindil
Born: 1891
Birth Place: .
Immigrated: 1906
Arrived: 1906
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1977
Cohen (Tashtakovsky) Shmuel
Cohen (Tashstakovsy) Sheina Bella
Birger Shmaryahu
Birger Esther Gitel
    Birger (Kohen) Breine Brindil   Birger Itzhak    
Children:   Birger Shmariyahu    Harash (Birger) Esther    Goldhend (Birger) Rivka    Birger Avshalom    Salonimsky (Birger) Ora    Sheinkreitt (Birger) Yehudit    Malin (Birger) Rachel Rochke

Breine Brindil Birger was born in Kaminitz, in the Brisk Litovsk district. In the year 1906 when being 14 years of age, she was sent to her aunt, her mother's childless sister in Rishon Lezion and here was adopted by her aunt and uncle, Sheindl and Shmuel Cohen. All her brothers and sisters who remained in Kaminitz, except for one brother who emigrated to the United States, perished later in the Holocaust.
In Rishon Lezion she helped her aunt in the latter's clothing store.
When being 18 years old, she got married to Izchak Birger.The family lived in Be'er Yaakov for a number of years and when the children grew up a bit, the family returned to Rishon Lezion to enable them to attend the school in the township.
It has been told that her home was open to the needy and she helped the younger ones among the pioneers who were lonely, without a family, to get married.