Barashevsky Shlomo
Born: 1878
Immigrated: 1891
Arrived: 1897
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1959
Barashevsky Aharon
Barashevsky Chashi
Goldberger Arie Leiv
Goldberg (Goldberger) Esther
    Barashevsky Shlomo   Barashevsky (Goldberger) Sarah    
Children:   Barashevsky Simcha David    Box (Barashevsky) Bat Sheva    Barashevsky Naftali    Davidson (Barashevsky) Rivka    Barashevsky Haim    Barashevsky Moshe

Sholomo Barashevsky was born in Brisk, Grodno region, Russia. He immigrated to Eretz Israel in the year 1891 along with his widowed mother, settled in Jaffa and worked at L. Goldberger's.
After his marriage to Sara Goldberger, he began working at the winery in Rishon Lezion. During the week he lived alone in the Township and at the weekend – he returned to his home in Jaffa.
In the year, 1897, he settled with his wife in the Township and started working in farmers' vineyards. He devoted himself to the vine industry and became a specialist. Later, he received a piece of land near Nes Ziona – a land bought by Chovevei Zion, and planted his own vineyard there.
He used to transfer the crop to the winery on camels whilst his children are giving a hand. After World War I he sold the vineyard.
Shlomo Barashevsky was a literate man and his children were encouraged to learn and acquire education.
He spent all his life in the Township together with his family, in his home, located in Jerusalem Street - in a house made of clay and sludge.