Aviel (Abulafiah) Dalia
Born: 1929
Birth Place: Israel, Jerusalem
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: teacher
Departed to:
Belonging to Group
Abulafiah Bustenai
Abulafiah (Rifler) Zipora
Butzko Zehev
Butzko Beruria
    Aviel (Abulafiah) Dalia   Aviel (Butsko) Zvi    
Children:   Aviel Hatia    Aviel Yariv

Dahlia Aviel was born in Jerusalem. She began her studies in Tel Aviv, at the school "Tel Nordau."
As her family moved from place to place, she continued her studies in several schools around the country. The termination of her high school studies took place at the "Ohel Shem" high school in Ramat Gan. Zvi studied in the same class and the acquaintance between them turned into love.
With the outbreak of the Independence War, she was drafted to the IDF and served in the Air Force.
When the war ended, she married and moved to Nahalal, to the agricultural school. As per the Principal, Hannah Meisel's request, she taught a group of boys, new immigrants from Morocco. Later, she worked at a school "Remez" in Nahariya and accompanied an entire graduation class for seven years as a class tutor.
In Tel Aviv she had taught for 12 years at the school "Hacarmel", later - in "Gavrieli", and then took part, as a teacher, in the Gifted's project which began its first steps; she contributed to its consolidation.
When she was sent together with her husband by the Jewish Agency to Lima, the capital of Peru, she founded there in the school a girls' pedagogical preparatory where students of the 11th grade learned; most of them came to Israel at the end of their studies.
With her retirement, she began documenting her family's (family Abulafiah) history, in her book "Barefoot on Golden Sands", published in 2006 by "Kavim" Publishing Ltd".