Belkind (Hankin) Alexandra
Born: 1870
Birth Place: Russia, Minsk,
Immigrated: 1887
Arrived: 1887
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: doctor
Departed to:
Died: 1943
Belonging to Group
Belkind Meir
Belkind (Glaztuck) Shifra
Hankin Yehuda Leib
Hankin (Halinski) Sarah
    Belkind (Hankin) Alexandra   Hankin Mendel    

Dr. Sonia Alexandra Hankin (Belkind) was born in the Lehuisk township, Minsk district, Belarus. She Received a Hebrew and a general education. She attended a Russian high School.
After graduating in 1887, she immigrated to Eretz Israel with her parents and settled with them in Rishon Lezion. When the deportation has been imposed on her family (Fam. Belkind) because their mutiny against the Baron's officials, she moved to Gedera, where she was engaged in farming.
In 1889, when her brother, Israel Belkind, founded the Hebrew school in Jaffa, she moved there with her parents and served in the school as a teacher of French.
However, when she realized that there is a lack of medical services and the sanitary situation is tough, she decided to study medicine.
In 1898, she went to Geneva, Switzerland, where she studied and certified as an MD. During her studies she was active in the coterie of the Zionist student. Later she moved to do a continuation study program in France. In 1906 she returned to Eretz Israel and as the first physician in Eretz Israel, she began working at the Jewish Hospital in Jaffa.
Later, she opened a private practice and many of those who turned to her belonged to the Muslim and Christian population. When the "Hertzlia" high school has been established in Tel-Aviv, she was elected to serve as the first physician of the school and as a member of its teachers' Council. Also, she was among the first founders of the Physicians' Organization the IMA and was active in it.
During World War I, when the physicians of Tel-Aviv & Jaffa were recruited to military service or were expelled from the country because of their "enemy" nationality, the entire burden of care of patients of Jaffa & TelľAviv was imposed on Dr. Alexandra Hankin (Belkind). Later, together with all the residents of TelľAviv who were deported, she had to leave the city too and continued her work in Samaria, the Galilee and the Haifa District. In the autumn of 1917, when the Nili underground had been discovered, she was arrested on charges of collaborating with the underground and was sent to Damascus to stand trial.
When being acquitted and released, she returned to Tel-Aviv and built there her home, a two-story building, in a sea of sand (Allenby Street later). In this house she lived and worked all her life. For several years she managed the medical work at the rest home "Shalvata" in TelľAviv, which was founded by her sister Olga Hankin.
Dr. Alexandra Hankin (Belkind) was elected as an honorary member of the Hebraic Medical Association in Eretz Israel and when still alive, she deposited a considerable amount of money for two purposes: a) the establishment of a rest house in Rishon Lezion for the physicians who got old and b) build part of "The Physician's House" in Tel-Aviv. The grand opening of "The Physician's House" named after Dr. Alexandra Belkind" in Rishon Lezion took place in June 1963.
When she died, she was buried in the old cemetery in Rishon Lezion.