Gordon Menachem
Born: 1883
Birth Place: Russia, Moscow
Arrived: 1893
Residence in the Village:
Departed: 1933
Departed to: Israel, Rehovot
Died: 1954
Gordon Avraham Zeev
Gordon (Jacobson) Sarah
Schalit Eliezer Elhanan
Schalit (Aharonovitch) Sarah
    Gordon Menachem   Gordon (Schalit) Rachel    
Children:   Zipstein (Gordon) Esther    Zandberg (Gordon) Aliza    Weiss Kahanov (Gordon) Tzila

Menahem Gordon was born in Rishon Le Zion. He studied at a Business College in London. He was a vinter and farmer and had a tobacco plantation and olive and almond groves. They would make their own home-made olive oil for their own use.
In 1933 he moved with his family to Rehovot where he worked in the citrus groves. When he died he was brought for burial in the old cemetery in Rechovot.