Gordon Avraham Zeev
Born: 1860
Immigrated: 1891
Arrived: 1893
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: vintner, accountant
Departed: 1918
Departed to: Israel, Tel Aviv
Died: 1931
Gordon Reuven Yosef
Yakobson Shraga Feivish
    Gordon Avraham Zeev   Gordon (Jacobson) Sarah    
Children:   Yakobson Ada Leah    Gordon Menachem    Gordon Yehoshua    Holzman (Gordon) Ayelet Hinda    Gordon Reuven Yosef    Gordon Rachel

Avraham Zeev Gordon was born in Bishowly, Lithuania. He received a religious education and later a general education. He was an active member of the "Hibat Tzion" movement and in 1890 first visited Eretz Israel. He joined the "Menuha and Nahla" group that founded Rehovoth and bought a farm there. A year later he came with his family and settled in Rehovoth where he set up a large farm with an entirely Jewish labour force. He participated in the defence of Rehovoth against the Arab gangs.
In 1893 he came to settle in Rishon Lke Zion and was one of the 2nd wave of immigrant settlers. Here too he founded a farm and he became a vinter. He built his home opposite the first Hebrew School then in Herzl Street, later renamed Ahad Ha-Am Street. He lived with his family on the second storey of this building. The ground floor was let out to house teachers, guards and others.
Later the house was sold to the village committee and later still served as a hotel.
Avraham Zeev Gordon was involved in public activity in the village.