Barashevsky Simcha David
Born: 1899
Birth Place: Israel, Jerusalem
Arrived: 1901
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: worker in winery
Departed to:
Died: 1940
Barashevsky Shlomo
Barashevsky (Goldberger) Sarah
Ginzburg Yonatan
Ginzburg Rachel
    Barashevsky Simcha David   Barashevsky (Ginsburg) Zipora    
Children:   Ziv (Barashevsky) Rachel    Barashevski Amifhay    Brosh (Barashevsky) Elyashiv Shivi

Simcha Barashevsky was born in Jerusalem. When being two years old, in 1901, he arrived in Rishon Lezion with his family. He learned in the elementary school ("Chaviv") in the Township and later, in the Boys School in Jerusalem.
He worked for many years in the winery and at the same time was an agriculturist and an orchardist. He played in the orchestra.
To Simcha Barashevsky's credit stand the following public activities: active in Maccabi" from the beginning of its establishment in Rishon Lezion; a member of "Pardes"; he organized Purim celebrations in the Township; he participated in a group of actors that performed, along with Raphael Klatchkin amateur plays.
He had a profound awareness of national values an awareness which came to expression amongst other things in the Purim costumes he had chosen for his daughter: the map of Israel, Rothenberg's (Electric) Plant in Naharaim, draining the Chula swamps, the port of Tel Aviv etc.
Simcha Barashevsky died in his prime at the age of 41.