Brosh (Barashevsky) Amnon
Born: 1929
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: engineer
Departed: 1965
Departed to: USA
Barashevsky Naftali
Barashevsky (Sax) Tova
kalbache Azar
Kalbache Zahra
    Brosh (Barashevsky) Amnon   Brosh (Kalbach) Adele    
Children:   Brosh Aline    Brosh Avi

Amnon Brosh was born in Rishon Lezion. He learned in the elemnetary school (Cahviv) in the township and in the Hetrzliya high school in Tel Aviv.
He was in his youth a member of the "Haganah". He played in the brass band of Maccabee a band which was founded and conducted by his uncle Moshe Barashevsky.
On the eve of the Liberation War,while serving as a guard, he took part in a patrol which was carried out and commanded by Yoel Drubin and with the participation of Davidovitch from Ness Ziona. On their way from the Uria village to Kibbutz Chulda, near the Arab village Beit Giss, they were attacked by shooting. Yoel Drubin was killed. Amnon Barashevsky and Davidovitch ran away in different directions.The Arab chose to pursue Amnon and he shot him in the am. He kept running after him and continued shooting. Fortunately, the distanse increase and Amnon did not get hit again. The Arab stopped shooting once they reached the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem road which had a lot of traffic. The Arab turned around and left.
Amnon kept running and kept losing blood. Suddenly. an Arab on a horse arrived. Amnon told him that he got wounded falling from a rock and asked him to get him to Kibbutz Chulda. The Arab placed Amnon on his horse and took him to the Arab village and went to get instructions from the village Chief. Fortunately the Arab village was friendly with Kibbutz Chulda. As a result the Cief instructions were to take him to the clinic of the Kibbutz where he got first aid and was taken by ambulance to hospital "Hayarkon" in Tel Aviv.
With the outbreak of the War of Independence, as a student at the Technion in Haifa, he was recruited to the war in the north of the country.
Two years later, he returned to the studies at the Technion and completed a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. The Master's degree he did at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA.
Between the years 1959 to 1965 he worked and lived in Israel.
In 1965 he left to the United States.